IxNetwork, WZTECH, and the 400GE Future in Brazil

Brazil is a vast country, the largest in South America, and the largest in the southern hemisphere, with a population greater than 213 million people. But when you ask people what Brazil means to them and you will get different answers. For my little brother, a soccer player and fan, it was always legendary player Pele. For others, images of Carnival come to mind. Fans of the Fast and Furious movie franchise may recall Fast Five filmed in Brazil. There are further examples of leadership and excellence including the Gracie family jiu jitsu dynasty that changed forever the face of MMA and similar fighting sports. On a more technical front, aircraft manufacturer Embraer, maker of one of my favorite commercial aircraft, the Embraer E175, which offers a surprisingly quiet, smooth and refined passenger experience. The dread and horror of seeing that the next leg of your flight is on a Dash 8 can now be replaced by surprise and delight when you see that Embraer at the end of the jetway.

In Brazil, like many other places, service providers are driven by the never ending quest for more bandwidth. Streaming, including 4K, Tik Tok and all the XaaS offerings all contribute to this demand and as the internet becomes even more critical to daily life via IoT, new 5G applications and other factors, that thirst for bandwidth is only going to grow.

Enter WZTECH, IxNetwork and AresONE

Right up there with the Gracies, WZTECH is another Brazilian dynasty and one that we are honored to be associated with. For years they have used our earlier solutions to validate carrier class Ethernet deployments in the 5th largest broadband market in the world and it is this successful history that lead to the latest stage of the partnership, one involving our IxNetwork test software running on AresONE enabling them to validate and deploy 400GE for their carrier customers.

IxNetwork is our L2/3 network infrastructure performance test suite. Scaling to 400GE (and more) IxNetwork can help you validate not only carrier concerns like MPLS and PPPoX but also handles just about any sort of routing and switching, SDN, data center, automotive or industrial protocol you are concerned with including various flavors of BGP, OSPF, ISIS, EIGRP, VXLAN, eCPRI, RSVP-TE, DHCP, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 1722, FCoE, TRILL and more.

Beyond simple breadth of coverage, one of the core strengths of IxNetwork is the realism of simulated traffic. We have found that if you really want to understand how network gear is going to perform in the real world, you need to test with the type of traffic that gear is going to see in the real world. The closer that traffic is to reality, the closer your test scores will be.

IxNetwork IxNetwork in action

Top it off with an easy to use GUI and automation that plays nicely with your current testbed via REST API and you have a pretty compelling story on the software side.

AresONE provides the muscle needed to validate 400GE on the hardware side. With a variety of options, AresONE helps you pay as you grow with 4 port and 8 port options as well as full and reduced performance versions – all of which are conveniently field upgradable, saving you both downtime and hassle.

As you would expect with 400GE support, AresONE provides insight into FEC error handling and also supports PAM4 analysis – and a whole bunch more.

Long and short of it is that Brazil is a dynamic, thriving place with some of the largest and advanced service providers serving an eager market. WZTECH is at the forefront of technology helping service providers stay ahead of the game with 400GE and we are honored that they partner with us and use our IxNetwork software test suite and AresONE high density test system to do so.

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