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Keysight is Live and Virtual at OCP Global Summit 2021

2021-11-01  |  5 min read 

In spring of 2020, our team was excited to announce our innovative new solutions at the OCP Global Summit. We had our bags packed and air travel booked when we found out the event was cancelled due to the looming pandemic. We moved to a virtual world since then and technology took new turns to keep up with the new norm and growing dependency on modern technology infrastructure.

Today, the same enthusiasm is brewing in Keysight as we get ready for the upcoming 2021 OCP Global Summit. This year it’s a hybrid event and we are excited to be part of both the in-person as well as virtual versions. Our theme this year is all about taking a “shift-left” approach to testing, and here’s why…

We often talk about the “new norm” of our social and business lives and at Keysight, being at the bleeding edge of technology, we have seen first-hand the impact on technology − especially on the networking that is the key in enabling the new norm. From “chipageddon”, which has slowed the time to market of so many products, to the recent outage of all social platforms from Facebook due to a glitch in BGP routing, we have several learnings that point to “shift-left”.

  1.  We can get ahead of many technology problems by taking a “shift-left” approach to test. This includes approaches like design validations at pre-silicon, simulation of workloads to test early and shorten the lifecycle to cope with supply chain delays.
  2.  Writing tests once and running them throughout the product lifecycle is another important aspect of “shifting left”. Optimizing resources and having tests built early in the cycle drives faster time to market.
  3.  Testing for Day2 readiness and being resilient to failures is a must to keep the lights on and people connected.

At OCP global summit this year, we are announcing some of our most recent innovations around the above learnings. Distributed Infrastructure System Emulator (DISE) is one such solution that enables engineers to emulate multi-tier switching fabrics and characterize data flow completion time of emulated workloads in a system context.

Ixia-c is another “shift-left” approach, powered by an Open Traffic Generator model-based API, that enables users to write tests once and run tests on a software-based testbed and then use for hardware-based testing at a later stage of the cycle.

Open-source Network Operating Systems (NOS) are a revolution in network disaggregation. Like last year, this year we will be talking about our SONiC testing solutions and how we are helping the open-source community to drive adoption.

Keysight has been the first to market with many high-speed Ethernet test platforms. Keeping that momentum, we now have 800GE hardware-based traffic generators that we will also showcase at the summit this year. In addition, we are joining Juniper Networks to demonstrate MACsec readiness on a 100/400GE system. This is driven by our first-to-market MACsec test solution running on our AresONE High Performance platform. This is the world’s first MACsec demonstration at this scale. 

We look forward to seeing you at the summit this year! Find us at:

  • Our expo hall booth C33
  • Know more about DISE, Ixia-c, SONiC, MACsec, and more by visiting our virtual booth
  • Join us at these talks (check summit schedule for details):
    • Why You're Not Running More System Experiments (And What You Can Do About It) [Wed, November 10, 9:25am - 9:50am | SJCC - Lower Level - LL20A]
    • MACsec - Securing Data in Motion Without Performance Penalty [Wed, November 10, 10:25am - 10:50am | SJCC - Concourse Level - 220C]
  • Partner demos:
    • Juniper-Keysight MACsec demo: In both Juniper and Keysight virtual booths
    • Marvell-Keysight SONiC demo: Catch the demo with Keysight’s UHD100T32 validating Marvell’s Teralynx® and Prestera® switch silicon and learn how these switches, coupled with Marvell's electro-optics portfolio of devices, enable disaggregated solutions in the data center