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Disaggregated, Cloud-Native Networks Challenge Equipment Vendor Innovation and Sales/Support Cycles

2021-05-25  |  4 min read 

Hyperscale networks are undergoing tremendous transformation to support the growing importance of data analytics (machine learning and artificial intelligence), containerized application workloads, and multi-cloud connectivity — and to ubiquitously interconnect end-users and IoT devices and deliver consistent end-to-end security and digital experience.

Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) in turn are innovating faster than ever to enable this transformation and still thrive in a world where disaggregated, distributed, and dynamic networking are becoming the new norm.


To enable open, cloud-native networks, you must deliver solutions that operate on a wide variety of white boxes, bare-metal servers, containers, and multiple clouds in addition to your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware. That innovation includes what you test and how you test to get high-quality, differentiated solutions to market ahead of the competition.

At Keysight, we are committed to partnering with the NEMs and the industry as a whole to accelerate and harden innovations and network transformations and ensure deployment readiness with unbiased testing your customers can trust.


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The topology diagram above showcases the key validation points for hyperscale networks, spanning from edge computing to the cloud networks that organizations are building out today. To succeed, you need networking solutions that interoperate and perform well not just in the datasheet benchmarks but, in the complex, multivendor, open, distributed networks seen in your customer deployments. Effective testing is the only way to ensure customer success. Click on any of the validation points on the diagram to explore blogs that detail the pain-points and Keysight solutions that can help showcase your value propositions and accelerate your development, sales cycles, and customer success.

Why Keysight?

As a vendor enabling this hyperscale network transformation, much of it is not under your direct control. Finger-pointing when customers have problems, has never been so difficult to disprove in a disaggregated, distributed and dynamic network. Is it the white-box design, is it the ASIC, is it the optics? Is it the NIC driver, is the DCI? Is it the Kubernetes version? Or is it the cloud-provider traffic shaping policy? There are multiple combinations, permutations, and subcomponents that need validation. Getting all these components, sub-systems, and software right is a real balancing act that you can master only through a systematic and robust test strategy and with a trusted partner. Keysight is that proven partner that delivers independent validation with real-world emulations across the stack — spanning networking protocols, services, applications, and cybersecurity — offering a competitive advantage.

Keysight’s network, applications, and security test products ensure that your test results are meaningful and deliver the right insights fast. We do this by offering the industry’s highest-performing testing with the most realistic application workloads and traffic mixes, dynamic payloads, scalable protocol emulations, threat simulation, and evasions at line-rate speeds. It is testing that replicates the network in action.

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