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Keysight’s New 400 Series Network Packet Brokers – Simplified Visibility for Large Scale, multi speed Networks

2022-10-06  |  4 min read 

A study by EMA, About Enterprise Management Associates, found that 66% of organizations do not have the network visibility they need. And 79% of enterprises believe it is important to establish an end-to-end visibility architecture for physical on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments. The study stresses the importance of how data points for network visibility provides security and monitoring tools the data they need to secure networked applications.

Are you looking for a Network Packet Broker (NPB) that can scale to 400G speed?

The new Keysight Vision E400S is the next-generation network visibility solution with comprehensive feature sets to meet the ever-evolving visibility needs of production networks, for up to 400 Gbps network speed.

What makes the Vision E400S NextGen Network Packet Broker so special?

  1. The box is highly compact with its 1 RU size and the front panel provides 24 QSFP56 and 16 QSFP-DD ports. Each QSFP-DD can break out into smaller speed ports (200G, 100G, 40G, 50/25/10G) with the special fan-out cables.
  2. It is the only NPB that supports all possible permutation of speeds, increasing the chance of interoperating with existing devices while maximizing design flexibility.
  3. At the center of the device is the new IntelTM 2, P4-programmable silicon chip, which provides breakthrough performance for complex networking needs (cloud, hybrid, AI, mobile, 4G/5G, remote work, metadata, and more) which allows fast implementation of a new parser or header stripping option of any new protocols, well-known or proprietary.
  4. Supports both NRZ and PAM4 standards for maximum port density and flexibility
  5. New load balance options support load balancing per port group. In addition to traditional session-aware load balance, new options also allow load balancing like asymmetric, weighted or random using tunneled IP header.
  6. NEW PacketStack+ capabilities will perform advanced packet processing such as header (protocol) stripping, data masking, timestamping and GRE / VxLAN tunnel origination at all ports of all speeds

Are you looking for an edge aggregation and traffic distribution solution?

We got feedback from our customers (enterprise and service providers) that a lot of traffic needs be handled efficiently on the network edge and not to overload the backbone network. This next generation packet broker is the perfect solution for IT organizations with a lot of edge aggregation needs. The Vision E400S is very versatile and with its 1 RU size can be perfectly used for top-of-rack aggregation solutions.


Top-of-Rack solution

Why should you start to plan now for ever increasing bandwidth demand?

As you monitor your ever-increasing bandwidth demand from users and applications, now is the time to consider your requirements for network edge devices which can growth and support any combination of speeds 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G.

The Vision E400S from Keysight is the best investment you can make today and enjoy a great ROI over the coming years.