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GridSecCon 2021 Live Online Conference

2021-10-08  |  3 min read 

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GridSecCon is Live and Online in 2021!

October 18-20, 2021

NERC and Texas RE are co-hosting the 10th annual grid security conference, GridSecCon, on October 19–20, with training opportunities available on October 18. GridSecCon brings together cyber and physical security leaders from industry and government to deliver expert training sessions, share best practices, present lessons learned, and share effective threat mitigation programs.

About this Conference

NERC and Texas RE are co-hosting the 10th annual GridSecCon virtually October 18-20 – register here!  

On October 18, attendees can participate in world class training sessions, including a four-hour Sneak Peek at SANS ICS 418 – ICS for Managers Course, 5G Security 101, and Building a Phishing Simulation Training Program, and more!

Be sure to check out the many educational breakout sessions on October 19 and 20.

It’s About Time

I’m going to be dropping in on any training SANS Institute has to offer, as well as listening in on EPRI’s Christine Hertzog discussion about precision time security.

Digital Transformations and Precision Time Security – A Roadmap for Risk Mitigation

Tuesday October 19, 12:15 PM – 1:15PM CST

Electric utilities are engaged in digitalization of their grid operations from generation to the meter. Digitalization places growing reliance on precision timing technologies to coordinate and manage the systems that ensure reliability and resiliency for grid operating conditions. While some grid applications can tolerate time variations, other advanced grid operations require accurate synchronization to ensure one true time for data exists across their systems.

Gain Knowledge of:

1.       How digital transformations increase reliance on precision timing technologies

2.       The impacts on utility operations

3.       EPRI’s research roadmap to identify and mitigate risks

With the quickly changing regulatory and compliance landscape since the start of this pandemic, and President Biden's National Security Memorandum, I'm sure this year's GridSecCon will be even more informative than last year's-- if that's even possible.