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New practices explained in ABCs of Performance Monitoring

2021-06-15  |  3 min read 

Keysight has published an e-book called The ABCs of Performance Monitoring.

This e-book is a reference guide for those who want to learn about new practices for monitoring application and network performance in complex IT environments. Keysight has published similar guides covering The ABCs of Network Visibility Volume 1 and Volume 2 and The ABCs of Inline Security.

Many organizations have incorporated cloud, SD-WAN, virtualization, and edge computing to increase the speed and flexibility of their IT infrastructure and reduce operating costs. While providing major benefits, these technologies also present new challenges for maintaining performance and availability of applications. Key monitoring data is no longer directly accessible or even under the control of the organization. Moving large volumes of monitoring data back to the data center for analysis is costly and can take too long.

An effective monitoring strategy is essential to rolling out new services successfully, maintaining an adequate user experience, and quickly resolving any issues or outages. In a competitive environment, new strategies are required to anticipate problems before they impact users. New monitoring techniques are needed to access key data outside the organization’s direct control. And new architectures are needed to analyze data closer to where it is generated.

This ABCs e-book defines fifteen concepts key to performance monitoring. Each entry covers the purpose of the practice, a description of common use cases, and recommendations for implementing the practice effectively in your environment. Support digital transformation and a customer-first strategy in your organization using these techniques for ensuring excellent network performance. The information is intended to fill gaps in the reader’s understanding and provide a foundation for further investigation. Additional references are included for further reading on each topic.


Download the e-book to strengthen your understanding of key performance monitoring concepts.