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The Updated Keysight 2021 Network Security Report Is Here!

2021-04-20  |  5 min read 

BREAKING NEWS!! Keysight Technologies has just completed the newest version of its annual security report. The results will be revealed at a webinar hosted by the SANS Institute. You can register for the webinar using the following link:

Keysight’s 2021 Network Security Report – What You Need to Know

This webinar will provide an overview of three key security trends that Keysight’s Application Threat Intelligence team uncovered during the year of 2020. In addition, their security experts will deliver predictions for some of the key security threats that are shaping up for 2021. Reserve your seat now so that you can get the latest security threat information to help protect your network.

In case you are not familiar with the Keysight ATI Research Center, it is formed from an elite group of dedicated network security professionals. The purpose of the group is to stay current with ever-evolving changes that could impact the security of IT networks. The team then distills that knowledge into research which can be incorporated within Keysight solutions to keep up with continually evolving threats. The ATI team is distributed across the world in locations like Singapore, California, Texas, Massachusetts, France, Romania and India so that there is always a part of the team that is looking for new threats to analyze. Cyber security is a specialty of the team.

The ATI team also contributes to the larger security community. It is not just about Keysight. The team shares what they learn with vendors that have been hacked, private agencies (e.g., government agencies (e.g. NIST and DARPA), and global security conferences like Black Hat and RSA. Keysight also promotes a summer security school in Bucharest, Romania to help train new security engineers.

The key goal for the ATI team is to assess and validate products that are meant to secure the enterprise. They do this by serving as a front line of defense to keep products from other vendors honest. Security alerts and incidents happen all over the globe and the team needs to be up around the clock. Dozens of engineers combine to form a single team that can create the intelligence and add to all product lines. In many cases, this lets the team go from discovery to product output within a twenty-four-hour period.

The exact input comes from many sources including:

  • International exploit databases
  • The “Dark Web”
  • Scan of security news alerts and crowdsourcing
  • Twitter handles of other security researchers
  • Partner feeds
  • Honeypots actively looking for attacks in the wild
  • And independent research (testing and reverse engineering) by the ATI team

The team constantly polls multiple sources to get insights into vulnerabilities. This data is then normalized, correlated, and organized to get a clear direction on the threats, and how to prioritize them. Threats are investigated by team members and either validated or dismissed.

The ATI team was established back in 2005 as part of the BreakingPoint company. BreakingPoint was acquired by Ixia in 2012. And then Keysight Technologies acquired Ixia in 2017.

Now that you know more about the foundations of Keysight’s ATI team, reserve a seat in the upcoming SANS webinar using this link.