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Risk Management and Cyber Security: Not Twins, but Definitely Related

2021-04-12  |  1 min read 

We’re all worried about cyber security (well, all of us likely to read this), and we know we want to manage cyber risk. And we know that these concepts are different, somehow, but maybe not exactly how. Are they like cocoa powder vs. cacao powder? Like four-wheel drive vs. all wheel drive? Like similes vs. metaphors? 

In truth, they are subtly different, and it’s important that we employ tools to manage both effectively. If we can leverage tools that accomplish both, that’s even better.

Check out this brief video that explains how cyber security and cyber risk management are related but subtly different, and how Keysight can help with both. And for more information, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, via email, or click here to read more.