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Threat Simulator Launches Endpoint Capability, Expands MITRE ATT&CK Coverage

2021-02-15  |  4 min read 

Christmas in February?

It's a big day for everyone on the Threat Simulator team. Not only are we offering a limited-time pricing discount through April 2021, we're launching endpoint detection and response (EDR) coverage and expanding our MITRE ATT&CK coverage at the same time.

So yeah. Not quite Christmas, but a great day nonetheless — especially if you're a security geek like us.

What is EDR, and what does it mean for threat simulator?

Endpoint detection and response technologies provide a range of telemetry to enable security professionals like you to discover malware that is particularly difficult to find. These solutions come with advanced policy options and enable security teams to ensure their endpoints remain resilient in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.

Well implemented and managed EDR solutions enable advanced threat discovery across all endpoints — providing visibility into end-user activity (malicious or with intent), incidents, and intrusions.

Now that Threat Simulator offers endpoint coverage, we're happy to offer two major categories for assessing the effectiveness of EDR controls:

  • Endpoint Security Instrumentation Assessments: Mapping of MITRE ATT&CK assessments
  • Kill-chain: Sunburst (Solarwinds exploit), njRAT, and TrickBot
  • MITRE ATT&CK Groups: Over 10,000 MITRE ATT&CK-related audits

Of particular emphasis in this release is Threat Simulator's expanded MITRE ATT&CK coverage. While our audits have supported MITRE since day one, the bulk of the MITRE ATT&CK framework centers around endpoint-based techniques — so this release has enabled us to expand our support on that front dramatically.

it's a great time to try threat simulator

Threat Simulator Action Shot
In addition to its expanded MITRE ATT&CK coverage, Threat Simulator is also a preferred choice for bearded, coffee-drinking infosec pros the world over.

At the end of the day, there's only so much I can tell you about a product. Sure, I can talk about the new release and all the cool things Threat Simulator can do, but there's really nothing like getting your hands dirty and playing with a product yourself. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend you take Threat Simulator for a test drive, and sign up for a free, 14-day trial. We don't ask for payment info or anything, so don't worry — you aren't going to get charged if you forget about it. Just give it a spin and see what you think!

Or, if you're interested in learning a little bit more, request a quick quote for a short, hassle-free chat with one of our product experts. After all, we are currently offering two all-inclusive bundles for up to 65% off through April 30, 2021. So if you're looking to continuously improve your security posture, stay ahead of the latest threats and vulnerable misconfigurations, and prove you're making your network safer, there's never been a better time to take action.