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Hack Yourself...Without Busting Your Budget: Threat Simulator Discounted Through April 2021

2021-02-12  |  4 min read 

the deal of the year in breach and attack simulation

Don't you just love a good deal? I know I do.

Well, let me revise that a little. I love me a good deal...perhaps a little too much. Over the years, I've purchased a whole mess of somewhat useless things — all because the price was just too good to pass up. Yet, despite my deep dedication to discounts, I often find myself settling for seconds. Even in today's "peak consumer" world, it's an exceedingly rare thing to find something of real, intrinsic value that's also on sale.

And that, my friend, is why I'm so excited to spread the word about Keysight's limited-time discount on Threat Simulator. From now until April 30, 2021, you can get your hands on our very own breach and attack simulation (BAS) tool for as much as 65% off! Forget settling for seconds — this is your chance to take your security to the next level, and get a heck of a deal in the process.

What is threat Simulator?

Threat SimulatorGood question! At it's core, Threat Simulator enables you to quite literally hack yourself. Sounds like fun, right? Well, the truth is if you aren't testing your own defenses, attackers are. After all, tool misconfigurations can compromise your network in an instant (oftentimes without you ever knowing you were even vulnerable in the first place), and bad actors are constantly probing for new, novel ways to exploit your users, applications, and data.

A BAS platform built on over 20 years of leadership in network security testing, Threat Simulator makes it easy to safely simulate the cyber attack kill chain on your production network, identify gaps in coverage, and remediate potential vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Plus, by continuously assessing your tool stack, you can finally answer that question your boss (and their boss) keeps asking you: "Are we more secure then we were yesterday?" You'll even have the data to prove it.

try Threat Simulator for free

At the end of the day, there's only so much I can say about a product. Sure, I can tell you about Threat Simulator's product-specific remediations, or impress you with the astounding work of our Application and Threat Intelligence research team, but there's really nothing like getting your hands dirty and playing with a product yourself. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend you take Threat Simulator for a test drive, and sign up for a free, 14-day trial. We don't ask for payment info or anything, so don't worry — you aren't going to get charged if you forget about it. Just give it a spin and see what you think!

Or, if you're interested in learning a little bit more, request a quick quote for a short, hassle-free chat with one of our product experts. It might just be the smartest decision you make this week. After all, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about a good deal — and this one is certainly worth your while.