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The DC Electronic Load Reinvented

2020-12-04  |  3 min read 

The DC Electronic Load Reinvented

In 1989, the Keysight 6060A DC electronic load entered the marketplace as the first modern electronic load. It integrated a "remote interface, isolated digital to analog (D/A) programmers, a pulse generator, a digital voltmeter (DVM), and current-monitor shunt into a single package."

Today, we introduce the Keysight EL30000 Series bench electronic load with a built-in data logger to give you real-time insights into your device's performance under test (DUT). At the heart of the EL30000 Series bench electronic load is a highly accurate measurement system that offers real-time updates to the large display.

A built-in scope mode enables the viewing of transient events. Four different operating modes simplify testing various kinds of devices; constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and constant power (CP).

The EL30000 Series bench electronic load includes a single and dual-channel model. Start your test with confidence and finish with results you trust.

  • EL34143A bench electronic load with single-input; 150 V, 60 A, 350 W
  • EL34243A bench electronic load with dual-inputs;  150 V, 60 A, 600 W

For higher current and more power, combine the EL34243A's bench electronic load with dual-inputs into a single channel — measure up to 120 A or 600 W. Save and transfer results with a USB flash drive, LAN, or optional GPIB interface.

When a vintage 6060A comes up for sale, they rarely have the front binding post, an $80 upgrade in 1989. While our new electronic load provides more features, better accuracy, device protection, it also includes both front and rear binding posts standard.

Find additional details on the EL30000 Series bench electronic load product page.