Limitless Possibilities with PathWave Manufacturing Analytics Platform

2021-03-28  |  5 min read 

Have you ever thought how the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 came about? What change exactly did it bring us? What are the drivers for the need to change? How much do we understand, and did we interpret those ideas correctly?   

The phrase Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 was first introduced by a team of scientists developing high technology strategy for the German government in year 2011. It encompasses a trend towards (i) interconnection; (ii) information transparency; (iii) technical assistance and (iv) decentralized decisions. The components and concepts are fundamentally built on top of those trends to create value for the manufacturing industry with newer set of technologies.

However, the question remains: How much have we progressed since then and are there really outcomes that is beneficial to us?

Moving into 10th year since the birth of concept, full digitization and integration of vertical and horizontal value chains are still a challenge in some manufacturing industries. The need towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing are no longer a trend but an important essence towards Industry 4.0. Manufacturing analytics is one key element that is closely tied to Industry 4.0 and seen as an important tool to increase performances, manufacturing yield and quality, reduce costs, and optimize supply chains. Keysight’s PathWave Manufacturing Analytics is one that is proven to help in all those areas.  

In today’s highly complicated manufacturing processes, it is important to act fast. Decisions must be made promptly based on facts and data. Thus, manufacturers require complete visibility from end to end on the entire manufacturing process to maximize production outputs.

How much insights can be provided from analytics solution, and can we trust them completely?  

With PathWave Manufacturing Analytics, actionable insights are much more likely because it is a differentiator that our team of test and measurement experts, together with data scientist develop, train, test and tune complex algorithms specifically targeted to solve our customers problems.

What if Keysight’s PathWave Manufacturing Analytics can predict potential test pass or test fail prior to test completion? Can you imagine the benefits that come with it? 

Simple concepts like these can help manufacturers improve test plans and testing time. It can help flag out potential failure. Imagine manufacturers with 100 tests to be completed, and 50 of those tests can be eliminated based on Keysight’s PathWave Manufacturing Analytics algorithm recommendation. That is 50% time saving and that help manufacturers to improve time to market while maintaining confidence of the product quality.

Some may also argue that conventional statistical tools and models work as well in maintaining manufacturing outputs. Are they still relevant and how it is different with PathWave Manufacturing Analytics?

To answer this, we must fall back again on the fundamentals. Statistics are factual data and it only tells a static state of a subject. On the other hand, analytics brings out the intelligent inferences based on the stats in a specific dimension. With Keysight’s test and measurement knowledge, advanced insights on the data is promised. Keysight’s PathWave Manufacturing Analytics is dynamic and a real time platform that gives inference to the user. It is not merely a platform that provides solution based on historical decision.

The possibility of potential applications with PathWave Manufacturing Analytics is endless. So, let’s not wait. Keysight is here to help in your Industry 4.0 journey!