Get These Valentine's Day Cards for the Geek in Your Life

2020-02-13  |  3 min read 

Are the typical, grocery store Valentine's Day cards just not cutting it for you this year? Need something extra special for that test gear geek in your life?

I know I do.

Forget flowers. Forget chocolate. It's time for some sweet, sweet electrical engineering puns on Valentine's Day cards. *swoons*

Is your relationship tried and true? Or, are you still beta testing? That's ok, we have a card for every geeky Valentine's Day situation you might find yourself in.

But first, a traditional poem for you, dear reader:

Roses are red
I'll be doing some twerking
of the dials on my spec an
to see if my antenna is working

Roses are red
budget is requested
to get some new test gear
and my electronics tested

Roses are red
The Keysight logo is red
I once had a dog named red
Hope your Valentine's card gets read!

Rose are red
Violets are blue
I'm an engineer not a poet.

-four Valentine's Day poems by Daniel Bogdanoff (sorry not sorry)

It's a good thing the Keysight folks are better at writing geeky cards than I am at writing poems. Let's do that instead.

Geeky Valentine's Cards every engineer will love:

Does your heart start racing at the thought of your SO? (SO = sampling oscilloscope) Try this card:

Geeky Valentine's Day Card

Or maybe, a mere touch is all it takes to get your signals aflutter?

It's likely that it's not just one thing that makes them special, so why not start with for(i>1, i++)

Geeky Valentine's Day Card

If that's not your cup of tea, consider reassuring them that you'd never fall for anyone else:

Geeky Valentine's Day Card

Maybe they already know they're the only one for you, but you want them to know that your EVM is in the m%:

Geeky Valentine's Day Card

With all the ups and downs you've been through over the past n years, sometimes it's best to just focus on the steady, RMS values:

Geeky Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine's Day from Keysight!

On behalf of all of us here at Keysight, have a happy Valentine's Day!

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