Get Free Memory

2020-02-21  |  3 min read 

Limited Time Offer: Purchase a Keysight UXR Series Scope and Get Free Memory

Take advantage of our limited time offer to receive free 1 Gpts of memory with the purchase of a new UXR Series high-performance oscilloscope. 

The world’s insatiable demand for better performance and faster systems has driven the need for higher resolution signals with ever-increasing bandwidth. High-performance oscilloscopes respond with increased sample rates, lower noise, and more bandwidth so you can analyze today’s more advanced and demanding signals. However, as sample rates increase, the amount of time an oscilloscope can capture in its available memory depth decreases. Memory depth is measurable in points — each digital sample results in a point of memory. Therefore, each doubling in sample rate results in half of the memory storage capacity. 

All real-time digital storage oscilloscopes provide some depth of standard base memory to capture digitized waveforms and hold them for analysis. But when engineers need to measure high-bandwidth signals, use high sample rates, or capture long-duration signals with high fidelity, it’s great to have access to more memory.

Adding more capture memory results in longer capture times and provides incremental visibility into your design, allowing you to:

  • use the oscilloscope's full-rated bandwidth and sample rate over a broader range of time base settings
  • achieve deeper analysis capabilities for real-time and offline analysis
  • capture conditions surrounding elusive, transient events and glitches
  • get long-duration protocol frames or mmWave signals at higher fidelity sample rates
  • educe effects of oscilloscope noise by oversampling lower bandwidth signals at higher sample rates without sacrificing capture durations
  • enable larger loop bandwidths for accurate phase-locked loops (PLLs) clock recovery


This table illustrates captured time, based on available memory depth. Upgrading your memory from 200 Mpts to 1 Gpt increases your capture time window from 1.56 ms to 7.8 ms when sampling at 128 GSa/s, which is a 5x increase of captured time.

To learn more, visit the UXR Series oscilloscope promotion.