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New Oscilloscope with Industry Leading Signal Integrity

2018-09-18  |  3 min read 

Today, Keysight Technologies announced the new UXR-Series oscilloscopes upgradable from 13 GHz of bandwidth to 110 GHz of bandwidth.  This new measurement platform with 4 integrated channels will enable testing of 5G, 802.11ay, coherent modulation and optical transmission, satellite communication, automotive radar, and high speed digital buses like PCI Express, CCIX, DDR, Ethernet, PAM4, and USB.

These oscilloscopes enable a vast number of applications with their extreme signal integrity, channel count, and bandwidth options. Here are a few of the banner specifications that will reduce margins and enable you to be first to market with future technology:

  • At 10 mV/div, the 13 GHz model only introduces 210 uVrms of noise and the 110 GHz model only introduces 750 uVrms
  • 20 fs rms at 1us/div of intrinsic jitter
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 256 GSa/s per channel on 40 – 110 GHz models and 128 GSa/s per channel on 13 – 33 GHz models
  • Up to 2 Gpts of deep memory

  If you are interested to learn more, there are several resources available today:

  • How and why did we do it?
    • This in-depth launch video features several keynote speakers discussing the technology, specifications and what measurements the oscilloscopes will enable, plus product demos.
  • Want to look inside the oscilloscope?
  • What’s the latest news?
    • The press release will give you a quick overview of the UXR-Series.
  • Are there any measurement results yet?
  • Interested in a specific model and want the details?
    • Get the specs and key features at the UXR family page plus navigate to a page for each model.  If you already know you need it, the product pages are where you can get a quote.
The new proprietary technology and superior performance across a wide selection of bandwidth makes the UXR-Series a solution for any present or future generation of serial technology, wireless standards, and terabit optical communications. You can design and test what has never been done, while achieving an unprecedented level of accuracy.