Keysight Donates Its Available PPE to Medical Professionals in Local Communities Worldwide

Global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a test in speed and adaptability to minimize the human toll of the virus spread. On World Health Day, it is imperative to recognize the medical professionals that are working tirelessly to keep as many people healthy as possible, often at great risk to themselves. It is also important to recognize that the availability of needed medical equipment is stretched to capacity as countries around the world grapple with the daily onslaught of new patients. As a result, corporations and individual citizens have been called upon to donate what they can for cleaning supplies and personal protection equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and protective eyewear. In support of medical professionals on the front-lines of this pandemic, Keysight has donated multiple rounds of janitorial supplies and PPE directly to impacted communities in locations around the world where the company is located.

At Keysight facilities, we use many of the same PPE that medical workers use to keep our employees safe. These include N95 face masks, safety goggles, hand sanitizer gel packets and wipes. In addition, we maintain janitorial supplies that are needed in crises, like toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap.

Near our corporate headquarters, for example, Keysight donated PPE to Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on March 20, just as the pandemic was intensifying locally. Lynda Hopkins, District 5 Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, noted this donation in a recent Facebook video post when she said "I want to give a huge thank you to Keysight, a local company, that is actually stepping up to help keep us all safe and make sure that we have some critical medical supplies and PPE."

While the need is great, and no one corporation can resolve all needs, I am honored to be part of a company that supports their local communities, particularly in these harsh and unprecedented times. And I salute all the medical professionals on this, World Health Day, for their herculean efforts during this global crisis.