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School may be OUT, but STEM learning is still IN for the summer!

2019-08-13  |  3 min read 

Learning doesn’t stop when school is out for the summer! While the summer months typically mean vacation and play time, many students also use the school break to continue their education, including the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). From a student perspective, it's a great opportunity to get extra exposure to these topics beyond their normal school science classrooms. From a corporate perspective, it's another way to extend STEM education engagement and reach – an opportunity which Keysight and our employees support wholeheartedly.

For example, Keysight employees from our Santa Rosa, CA offices participated in a six-week summer STEM education engagement at the local La Tercera Elementary School. The program utilized one of the many Keysight After School kits each week to engage participants in hands-on life-, physical- and earth-science experiments.

Keysight employee volunteers led students through the various science experiments such as electronic-circuit games, balloon-powered cars, clean water engineering, weather stations and more – helping educate them in the scientific concepts behind each experiment. This provided students an opportunity to learn these concepts and work with local leaders in technology, while providing Keysight employees an opportunity to give back to their communities and help inspire next-generation technologists.

Keysight fully funds the kit materials, and their delivery by employee volunteers, at no cost to the host organization or participating students. As a bonus, after completing the experiments, participants can take their finished projects with them, encouraging continued learning of the concepts presented and sharing them with family and friends.

What a great way to extend learning and help students stay engaged through their summer break!