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Keysight Vendor Relationship Goes to the Dogs … Literally

2019-01-07  |  2 min read 

Keysight partners with suppliers and vendors that have values aligned to our own. Sometimes we are even able to leverage those partnerships for the greater good. One example was recently noted by Hamish Gray in a  blog post about Keysight and Salesforce working together on local volunteer efforts in Santa Rosa, California. In a similar manner, Keysight has partnered with our food service company, Eurest, to support that company’s Waste Not, Wag a Lot initiative – which is literally taking that partnership to the dogs!

Waste Not, Wag a Lot is Eurest’s new initiative aimed to turn food scraps from Keysight’s on-site café into healthy treats for dogs – giving the scraps a new life with a greater purpose! While Eurest already has programs in place to support local food banks and charities with excess food from the site, in this case the scraps are not human-consumable and would otherwise be thrown away or composted. So this initiative gives these scraps new life with a greater purpose.

The treats created from these scraps are made available to Keysight employees for purchase at the on-site café to take home to their pups. Employees who don’t have a pup of their own, but want to support the program and local shelter, can choose to purchase a bag of snacks to donate to the local shelter as well. All money generated from the sale of the treats are donated to the Humane Society of Sonoma County.

Doesn’t that sound like a dog-darned good way to repurpose unused scraps?