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How Next Generation Microwave is Driving Innovation

2021-02-18  |  4 min read 

Last month, many of Europe’s top innovators gathered virtually for European Microwave Week (EuMW) for all things microwave – millimeter-wave, terahertz devices, systems, and technologies, plus 5G, satellite communications, and automotive radar.

I was fortunate to be able to attend last year’s EuMW, which took place in Paris. Connecting with our customers and learning about the exciting work they are doing to drive the industry forward is one of my favorite aspects of my job. I am looking forward to when this event can be held in-person again as it’s an excellent opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights that help inform our R&D investment strategies. It’s also a chance for Keysight to share our latest test and measurement solutions that customers rely on to accelerate their innovation strategies. 

Advancing the building blocks of technology has always been a fundamental part of the EuMW conference and exhibition attendees. This year, we continued to see the growing complexity of those building blocks. Engineers who visited Keysight at virtual EuMW are pioneering innovations in passive and active components for uW, mmW, and even up to THz. They wanted to gain deeper insights into phased array antennas and how to design and test them – from early simulation to field deployment – because they are critical to next-generation wireless systems including, 5G, satellite communications, and automotive radar. These technologies are pushing higher in frequency, wider in bandwidth, and more complex in modulation, which trigger challenges like tighter design margins, excessive path losses, and noise impacting device performance. 

What’s Next for Millimeter-Wave?

Innovation in mmWave, from the design and development of components, RFICs, and MMICs to radar and communications systems, requires more than insight; it requires certainty and efficiency. One example is our new Rcal receiver calibrator that helps customers achieve accurate measurements in the face of increasingly lossy signal paths at millimeter-wave by improving signal analysis test accuracy up to 10X.

If you missed EuMW or weren’t able to attend, you can access valuable insights from our 6 Experts & Their Secrets for mmWave Innovation, a webinar that followed the event.  It’s an informative session that offers perspectives from Keysight experts who have more than 100 years of combined experience. You can access the content from the discussion, including application notes, white papers, case studies, YouTube videos, and product demos focused on the growing importance of mmWave field measurements and the challenges customers face with mmWave calibration here

As always, we are inspired and energized by continuous learning and by interactions with our customers, no matter where they take place.  We will continue to experiment with new and different ways to connect with you in a virtual world and hope to see you in London for EuMW in October.