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Innovating from home requires new habits… and a little help from your T&M friends

2020-04-10  |  6 min read 

Unprecedented times call for unique and agile innovation. We're amid a global pandemic that has gripped the world, bringing schools, restaurants, and businesses to a screeching halt on a local level and leaving industries scrambling to adapt to a new normal. More people are working remotely than ever before, with many adjusting to work-from-home life for the very first time. But, as stressful as all these disruptions can be, it's also when industry-changing innovations can emerge.

When this crisis passes, the way we interact with each other may never be the same. This also applies to companies with their customers and employees. At Keysight, we realize our customers must continue developing their products. And product delivery schedules hinge on having consistent and reliable access to design and measurement tools. No matter where their employees have to or choose to work. Enter: our Innovate Anywhere program.

Innovate Anywhere is aimed at helping design and test engineers with project and workflow continuity no matter where they are. If they can't get to the office or lab due to stay at home orders related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), this program will enable them to do it from their living room. And with all the new remote workers, the Internet's bandwidth is being stretched to its limit. It also helps IT and DevOps professionals monitor their network performance over VPN, ensuring they have the access they need for time-sensitive work. Anyone interested can sign up now to get access to 90-day free trials of Keysight's most popular PC-based software licenses.

For me, the lack of travel has enabled me to delve into areas that I’ve not been able to due to a hectic travel schedule. This is the perfect time for many of us to hone engineering skills through new concepts, tools, and techniques. Innovate Anywhere has a robust library of webinars and eLearning modules available right now, also free of charge during the crisis.

I inherently believe that human beings are resilient, and I’m inspired by how we come together in a crisis to emerge stronger. I know that even in these times, our customers will continue to innovate and find answers to our world’s toughest problems. And I’m proud that Keysight is doing its part to enable that.

What else have I found useful (as my dog barks in the next room while I type this): here are a few of my go-to tips:

1. Stick to your regular routines

For a smoother transition, pretend like you are going into work. It's easier for your body's internal clock to stick to a routine from day-to-day. Set your alarm, make your coffee, and get started at about the same time every day. ​

2. Dress for success

Help yourself transition to work mode by getting dressed for work. Wearing a clean shirt and a pair of jeans will help you get in the right mindset better than staying in your PJs. ​

3. Work in a clean space

Conventional wisdom suggests having a dedicated workspace at home. However, it's OK to work from different areas of the house if they make you more productive. Wherever you decide to work, make sure your space is clean. A messy space can be stressful and remind you of all the cleaning and chores you need to do. If you have a pile of clothes on your desk, move it to the next room and put them away on your lunch break. ​

4. Stay connected with your colleagues

Reduce feelings of isolation by instant messaging your colleagues to say good morning at the beginning of your day. Check-in with your co-workers to make sure everyone is doing OK and consider scheduling a virtual lunch with your peers. ​I’ve started having a twice-weekly video-call with my extended team, with no agenda except to check in with one another and share the challenges we’re facing and the best ideas they have for getting through them. We all look forward to those 30 minutes to connect and de-stress.

5. Get​ motivated with music

Finding the right tunes for your work can help you stay in the zone longer. The key is to match your music to the task at hand. Listen to upbeat music for a project that requires high energy or for production work to keep you focused. Try chill or atmospheric music for work that requires deep thinking.