Keysight Live from the Lab!

2022-04-15  |  3 min read 

Keysight Live from the Lab is happening now! Wondering what it's all about?

This free, virtual event features engineering tips & tricks, expert Q&A and pro-grade prizes that will help you engineer faster. During this action-packed event you’ll learn everything from IoT Battery life testing to VNA component characterization to what’s coming next in 5G.

Sign up now for a free entry and tune in May 17-20 live at 9 AM PST / 16:00 UTC for the live event.

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What to Expect

Each day we're focusing on a hot engineering trend or topic. Here's the schedule:

May 17 - IoT Testing:

Dig intop the wide ranger of tests IoT device designers need to consider, like serial bus testeing and battery life characterization. We'll also get hands-on with our brand new oscilloscope! 

Featured guest: Mehdi from ElectroBOOM!

May 18 - Component Testing:

It’s critical to understand the limits of your design. In this day’s hands-on experiments we’ll explore DC-DC converter testing, diode IV characterization, and even break out the VNA.

Featured guest: Beloved YouTuber GreatScott!

May 19 - Digital Design and Simulation

Delve into the world of high-speed digital design where we’ll simulate a DDR5 design and analyze a real-world DDR5 chip with a scope. We'll sit down with Randy White, JEDEC committee chair and walk through essential DDR5 measurements.

This day will also feature the breakout sessions “Conducted EMI Made Easy” and “Optimizing High Speed Interfaces" with DesignCon engineer of the year Heidi Barnes.

Featured guest: Marc of CuriousMarc

May 20 - 5G and ORAN

Just because you have a 5G phone doesn’t mean the 5G rollout is complete. Get a sneak peek into the high-tech world of 5G MIMO and ORAN and see the engineering techniques that will make tomorrow’s wireless systems a reality.

Featured guest: Shahriar of The Signal Path


We’re giving away over $100,000 of soon-to-be-released test gear! 

How do I join?

Sign up at to see each day's session, enter the prize drawing, and setup calendar reminders See you there!

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