PathWave Manufacturing Analytics Cloud Service

2021-10-28  |  2 min read 

Looking for a manufacturing analytics solution, to analyze equipment test data, that works in the cloud?

Concerned about data security and user data privacy when using a cloud service?

Need a cloud-based demonstration for your historical production equipment test data?

Keysight has supported cloud services and the move to software as a service for many years now. The production data analytics software PathWave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA) has supported cloud service operations and software as a service with historical data loading since its inception, along with its on-premise mode.

A cloud service can be helpful if you do not have the CAPEX budget for an on-premise server, want to use an OPEX budget to subscribe to a service, do not want to manage the server infrastructure and security yourself, wish to enjoy faster deployments to achieve production quality goals and monitoring, or support remote monitoring of equipment test data across sites and regions without on-site support personnel. With the PathWave Manufacturing Analytics cloud service you can achieve any of those goals.

Deploying cloud solutions requires meeting certain security standards and user data compliance controls like GDPR/DPPA. Companies also want to integrate their Single Sign-On OIDC/Azure AD setups with the cloud solution for user control and authentication. With PathWave Manufacturing Analytics you can achieve those security and personal data protection standards requirements.

How can I get it? Customers that bundle or purchase PMA can opt for data hosting in the cloud that meets all the latest data security and personal data protection standards.