Keysight Software Makes eCommerce Debut

2021-07-21  |  5 min read 

If you’re pressed for time in the procurement process or just want to avoid the extra steps in the traditional sales cycle because it's 9:00 pm on Saturday night, Keysight has the solution for you. We took a major step forward in facilitating the “self-serve” customer experience by recently announcing the addition of more than 300 software products to our eCommerce site. The software is currently available for purchase in the US/Canada and Europe with other regions of the world to follow in the coming year.

Customers looking for convenience and ease of access to software products will find a catalog of test, application, and design tools readily available through Keysight’s always on channel. Software eCommerce is part of our effort to address customer digital transformation by enabling online business at your fingertips. Keysight’s aim is to deliver continuous value in support of customer development projects, digital operations, and cultural shifts that are challenging today’s status quo.

One way to deliver greater value over time for customers is to bundle software product configurations into commonly used packages for target industries or applications. Because we now live in a subscription economy where most people and companies only want to pay for what they consume or use, software bundles provide a transactionally efficient way to buy. When you purchase a subscription software bundle that contains several products normally purchased by themselves, you spread the utilization risk across multiple modules or elements. You also circumvent the problem of software purchase obsolescence, otherwise known as “shelf ware,” that often accompanies perpetual license model products for domains experiencing rapid change like communications.

For many customers, the best part of buying subscription software bundles beyond the immediacy of the self-serve online transaction is the savings. Or is it the flexibility? With subscription software bundles you not only save up-front costs compared to buying perpetual licenses, but you also benefit by being able to adjust your mix of software at the end of the annual subscription term.

You can buy online with confidence in knowing you won’t be locked into perpetual licenses that may become shelf ware due to technology advances and standards evolution. Furthermore, you’ll always have the latest version of the software along with KeysightCare support. You can use your operating expense rather than capital expense budget and apply the savings to other needed purchases or project resources.

New Subscription-Only Bundles Deliver Continuous Value

Keysight is now offering special “bundle and save” subscription-only software packages for its VSA, X-Series applications, and PathWave Signal Generation software available through eCommerce. This is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to outfit your instruments with our popular software products.

Figure 1: New PathWave 89600 VSA subscription-only bundles

For example, VSA bundles are available in 4 configurations (see figure 1): Custom Modulation, Pulse Analysis, Wireless Connectivity, and Cellular Communications. Each bundle contains the software modules specific to the particular application. To illustrate the potential up-front savings, the Custom Modulation bundle, if purchased as individual modules in perpetual license model, would cost over $30K. Whereas, in the special bundle and save subscription-only license model the cost is $7.5K/year.

Check out our handy infographic and visit the Keysight eCommerce site today.