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Getting the Right Answer at the Right Time Keeps Projects on Track

2020-12-14  |  3 min read 

If you’re working in 5G, you know that deploying new technologies means procuring new equipment and learning how to make challenging new tests.

But that’s not the whole picture.

New 5G devices must be able to work with older technologies as well. Standards compliance goes far beyond the radio interface, touching every system in the phone, including RF I/O, memory, and computation.

For example, although USB has existed since 1995, it does not mean it is a simple standard to comply with. Policies and procedures related to the USBIF Certification Program have continued to change, and new 5G devices must meet these evolving test standards, which can require sophisticated measurement science as well as new equipment and processes.

It’s no small feat for project teams to stay on top of emerging technologies while tracking evolving legacy ones. The good news is that Keysight now offers KeysightCare standard with the purchase of most of our vast portfolio of hardware and software products and whether purchased directly from Keysight or from one of our partners.

KeysightCare is available worldwide

KeysightCare Assured provides complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty, including the following:

  • committed technical support response time
  • committed turnaround time for service requests
  • proactive firmware and software notifications to keep test assets current
  • software updates and enhancements
  • a knowledge center based on decades of R&D expertise
  • choices of service tiers to fit your business needs

That means when you purchase a new instrument to make a specific test—let’s say the 81160A pulse function arbitrary noise generator in order to make a USB 2.0 receiver test—you can talk directly with a KeysightCare application engineer expert on this topic,  who will answer your questions, provide a remote demo, or show you how to test both standard and non-standard USB 2.0.

Download the case study Personalized Support Helps 5G Device Team Master New Tests in Hours and learn more about how a 5G device developer saved two days of engineering time and $200,000 by taking advantage of KeysightCare, which came standard with the product they purchased.