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The Battle for Space Dominance

2020-06-30  |  4 min read 

Aerospace defense organizations stand to gain impressive benefits by deploying new satellite systems and capabilities. Yet these systems also invite new and increased cybersecurity concerns, which are an obvious threat. With space and satellite technology evolving so rapidly, successfully fighting cybersecurity threats is a daunting task. The U.S. Space Force (USSF) Commercial Satellite Communications Office is responding with the Infrastructure Asset Pre-Assessment (IA-PRE) Program. Its goal is to ensure the security of space systems used to support U.S. aerospace and defense efforts.

The program aims to advance the security status of current and future commercial satellite communications procurements for the Department of Defense (DoD). Among the goals of the assessment program is the development of an approved product list of commercial satellite communications assets. These assets will be scored based on their cybersecurity standing according to standard U.S. government requirements.

The success of this program would simplify administrative efforts for the U.S. government and industry partners. The USSF authorizes the procurement of commercial satellite communications services for all of the DoD. Space Force’s role is to ensure that secure space systems are available to support the U.S. as well as allies and joint warfighters.

This announcement follows the earlier release of the DoD’s strategy, which revealed its intended pursuit of three objectives: to maintain space superiority; provide space support to national, joint, and combined operations; and ensure space stability. To achieve its goals and address threats, challenges, and opportunities, the DoD announced the following priorities for the next decade:

1. Build a comprehensive military advantage in space.

2. Integrate military space power into national, joint, and combined operations.

3. Shape the strategic environment.

4. Cooperate with allies, partners, industry, and other U.S. government departments and agencies.

As a popular show once predicted, space is “the final frontier.” By establishing the USSF to implement a systematic, standardized approach to the military’s space presence and activities, the U.S. stakes a claim in this new territory while setting some rules of engagement. A new Space Race has begun – one that will take us far beyond last century’s race to the moon. With agreement upon clear policies, the countries involved should be able to foster a cooperative environment – as they monitor this new operational environment for signs of any emerging threats.

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