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Great free tool to brush up on your calculus

2018-11-28  |  3 min read 

A key challenge for many electrical and computer engineering (ECE) students is mastering calculus. This is critically important in nearly every area of engineering and science, and it can be either a useful tool or a barrier to progress, depending on how well students understand it. A typical introductory calculus course covers so many topics that very few students truly master them all. In addition to analysis topics such as limits, continuity, and removing discontinuities, a typical calculus course has 15 to 20 topics related to differentiation, and a similar number related to integration. How is a student supposed to know all of these topics and to understand what they need to work on?

Fortunately, a company called Kuta Software has put dozens of well-constructed, carefully categorized calculus worksheets online at These worksheets include answer sheets, so they are perfect for low-stress review and practice.

Kuta Software calculus worksheets



















Figure 1: Kuta Software calculus worksheets

The student who wants additional practice problems may consider purchasing the worksheet generation software itself, which is priced at $125. I have not used the calculus worksheet software, but I have used Kuta Software’s pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry worksheet generators, and they are both powerful and straightforward to use.

Kuta Software worksheet categories












Figure 2: List of worksheet subjects at

Because many problems that students have in calculus often stem from earlier topics, Kuta also has worksheets for pre-calculus and algebra.

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